Meet My Pack!

While you all accompany me on my journey to becoming a pet owner, it would only be fitting that I introduce you to the ones that make my experiences come to life, Colby Jack and Piggy!

Colby Jack is the first dog I got since being on my own. He came to me from a surprise litter 3 years ago and I have not turned back since.  He is a mixture of Chihuahua, Dachshund and Papillon; Chiweenillon for my designer breed lovers. When I took Jack home, he was 8 months.

At that time he was not very socialized with strangers or other dogs and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing! I was so excited to finally have a dog of my own that I did not do my research prior to getting him. Lucky for me I was able to learn behaviors and training with a smaller breed first. It is much easier cleaning up after an 8lb dog vs. a 40lb dog.


Piggy is the next member of my pack. I adopted her from the local animal shelter about a year and a half ago. Before I get shunned for her name choice, Piggy is the name that she came with. I was originally going to change it but she responded to it so well I did not want to cause confusion. When choosing to adopt a second pet I leaned more towards the opposite of what I already had. Piggy is an American Staffordshire Terrier (Pitbull), she is a whopping 60lbs and she will be 5 years old in May.  Seems pretty crazy right? Maybe, but there are reasons why I chose Piggy over another smaller, younger pup.


Over that past 3 years I can honestly say that my life has changed completely after getting my dogs. Out of the horror stories I have heard about dogs destroying households, I can say that I really haven’t had it that bad. I have definitely had learning experiences with these two and by no means are we perfect but it works and that is all I can ask for.