Simple Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool

As the summer heat rises, so does your urge to hit the beach or enjoy the warm weather. As much as we enjoy our travel buddies, We need to make sure that our dogs stay cool. Just like humans, dogs can easily overheat. So it is important that we do what we can to keep our pups safe during the hot season. Here are a few helpful tips to help your new best friend enjoy the summer with you.

What is Ideal for Your Dog?

A fun fact about dogs is they can’t actually sweat the way people do. They have special skin on their nose and paw pads that helps with regulating temperature. Dogs will also pant to cool down. Between a dog’s already high body temperature of 101-102 degrees Fahrenheit, and the fact that they are covered in fur, you can see why the heat can be dangerous. i have decided to give a few helpful tips to help keep your dogs safe during the hot months.

Helpful Tips


Always keep water available to your dogs during the hot months. Keeping hydrated like humans keeps a dog cool. You can also take an extra step by putting ice cubes in their water or letting them crunch on them. Jack absolutely love ice cubes on a hot day. It helps to fulfill his need to chew while cooling down. If you notice that your dog just does not drink water that often, you may want to invest in a water bowl that has a fountain function. The running water may peak your dog’s interest to taste the water, thus making him drink. For those that have a nice back yard, maybe take some time to let them run around through sprinklers or just a nice spritz with the water hose would work. Baby pools are also a great idea to use in the backyard.

Fun Treats

A couple of fun treat ideas to help keep your pups cool are homemade popsicles. There are 2 different types that are really easy to make, peanut butter pops and chicken broth pops. Peanut butter pops are pretty self explanatory. Just fill an ice tray with peanut butter and freeze. With Chicken pops it is the same concept but with chicken broth instead of peanut butter. I would stick to low sodium and maybe mix a little water in with the broth to cut down on the salt intake. If you want to get a little fancy you can freeze a dog biscuit inside the broth to make a tasty pup pop.






This may seem very simple because it is. Aside from running the air inside, I invested in a floor fan for an extra breeze in the house. Piggy loves to lay in front of the fan and it does an amazing job circulating the air. Living on the top floor of an old building is very taxing during the summer months due to heat rising and settling in my unit. Before I had my fan, the air circulation was not very good and it would easily get stuffy in the house. Even with the temperature getting high sometimes, I could really tell a difference with the temperature

Cooling Mats

Last but not least, cooling mats are a good source to keeping your pet cool. I stumbled across this neat idea while browsing and thought it was pretty amazing. There are different types of cooling mats out there. I think the self cooling mat may be a little more effective since you do not have to freeze, refrigerate or add water etc. The dog activates the mat by just laying on it. The cooling mat also comes in different sizes to fit your pet as well as different colors to give your pet that cool look for the summer.

Our pets are our responsibility and it is important that we do what we can to keep them safe and healthy. Keeping your pets cool during the warm seasons can be really rough and tough on the electric bill as well. These easy tips can be very helpful for any household type and are fairly easy for owners with busy schedules. If you have any other helpful tips please feel free to share and as always drop a line in the comment box.

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