So you’ve decided to get a pet

Getting a pet is an exciting decision and can be a fun experience for most.  There are a couple of questions we must ask ourselves before going through the process

    1. Am I ready for a new pet?
    2. Which pet works best for me?

Not a lot of people realize the responsibility that goes into caring for an animal. Aside from the financial commitments of food, vetting and of course toys, pets take up a great deal of time as well.  Sound like you’re adopting a baby?  Well you are, a furbaby!  This may be a good time to take a step back and glance at financial commitments and schedules to see if now is the right time to add a new member of the family.

Another thing to take in consideration is which pet you should adopt.  Every pet has their pros and cons. If you are looking for something short term, maybe consider getting a rabbit, guinea pig or other rodent just to name a few.  You are looking at a 3-8 year commitment due to their life spans being shorter. But watch out! These guys need special care.  For a long term companion, dogs and cats do well; however, they also come with their own set of pros and cons.

When describing a dog’s personality, I usually tell people that dogs start out as infants until they reach about 6-8 months old. Once they are full grown, they are more like toddlers for the rest of their lives.  Schedules for feedings, walks and playtime are important and must stay consistent so that your puppy behaves.  Cats I describe as your typical teenager. Sometimes you are their best friend and other times they don’t want to be bothered. Unlike our toddlers, cats are slightly more independent. No need to worry about potty schedules or walks when you have a clean litter box.  I also refer to them as the “Sheldon Cooper” of the pet world. Even the smallest change can stress out your cat and cause unwanted behavior. Dogs adjust a  little better to change.  Remember when choosing a dog or cat, you are looking at a long term commitment. Dogs can live up to their late teens while cats can live into their twenties.

I hope these little tips will help with your decision in choosing the right pet for you. Although there are guidelines to animal behavior, it is important to remember that every animal is different.  Good luck on your new pet journey!

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